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October 2017

Welcome to WA4KBD, where ham radio is a portal to high tech adventure, camaraderie,education, and the advancement of communication.

Exact station location:
29.679N  -82.357E  Alt 47m (157 feet)
Grid locator:  EL89tq

License class: Advanced
QSL via eQSL and LoTW; paper

Note: If your operating system is Windows and you are working time-sensitive digital modes like JT-65 and JT-9, I highly recommend NetTime  (www.timesynctool.com) to automatically sync your computer with online time standards. I have it set to synchronize my computer's clock every two hours. This program is extremely reliable under Windows 10 and operates silently in the background with absolutely no hassle.

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      Like Sci-Fi?  Here's a link to my Kindle
       novel, 'Perimeters'.  Ham radio references
       are encoded here and there in the text,
       some obvious and some a lot more subtle.
       How many can you find?

       Perimeters book cover

Gainesville, Florida

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